Advising International Students

Advising International Students
A part of the ‘Advise the Advisor’ series
Presented by: Glynn Hunter and Melissa Ostrowski
Wednesday, November 21, 2012







With Internationalization being one of the University of Calgary’s main academic priorities this year, Glynn Hunter and Melissa Ostrowski’s presentation on “Advising International Students” could not have been more timely.

Glynn Hunter, who is currently the Executive Director U of C International, started the session off by outlining where the University is now, and where it would like to be, when it comes to our international student strategy.  Overall, the University has decided upon four main goals to work towards over the next few years, which include: 1) Increasing the diversity of the student body; 2) Improving global and cross cultural competencies for staff, students and faculty; 3) Enhancing opportunities for international partners in research; and 4) Leveraging our unique areas of specialization globally.

Melissa Ostrowski, International Student Advisor in the Centre for International Students and Study Aboard (CISSA), then provided some extremely valuable information on what she believes to be the common challenges faced by international students, and what advisors can do to help them.  Melissa concluded by outlining many of the fantastic services offered by CISSA to support international students.  Of particular note,  are the Mentorship and Friendships programs, as well as the new Spouse and Partner program which provides connection and support for the spouses of international students.

If you missed this session, and you work with international students, then it is definitely worth your while to check out Melissa’s presentation linked here:

UCAN Supporting our International Students

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Photos by: Marion Jaffray

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