Non-Academic Misconduct and Students At Risk

Student Conduct – A Campus Approach
A part of the “Advise the Advisor” series
Presented by: Shawna Bava
Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Shawna Bava from Student Conduct provided an overview of the Non-Academic misconduct policy. Participants gained insight into the process for responding to these concerns on campus and how to report these concerns.  Identifying features of at risk behavior and how students may present was described in detail and participants were provided with an outline for how we can respond to these concerns within our role and seek support on campus. Shawna painted a picture of student mental health and how we can contribute to and foster a healthy campus environment for all students. Shawna emphasized the critical role that advisors play in assisting students to minimize their distress and clear steps for who we can engage for support and consultation here on campus.

This session was popular and well attended, and there was a desire to have time to talk more about how these policies and student concerns impact each advisor in their daily work.

Shawna Bava Presentation 1

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