The ABC’s of the LGBTQA Community

The ABC’s of the LGBTQA Community
A part of the “Advise the Advisor” series
Presented by: Dawn Johnston and Nick Moore
Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Genderbread Person 2.0

Nick Moore and Dawn Johnston gave a dynamic and engaging presentation on the broadness of sexuality, the intricacies of the LGBTQA community and insight into some of the many services of the Calgary Sexual Health Center including education, workshops and training programs. They provided definitions for terminology, the differences between sex and gender, and an understanding into the power of language increasing our consciousness in how word selection can make a difference. The Genderbread Person from the presentation and shown above is an infographic that represents the continuum of gender identity. The information led us to think about our own perceptions and encouraged us to reflect on our own views and assumptions.

The ABCs of LGBTQA Presentation
University of Calgary Trans Resources

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