Last Lecture from Patrick Finn

Last Lecture from Patrick Finn
A part of the “Advise the Advisor” series
Presented by: Dr. Patrick Finn
Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Patrick Finn brought a ‘last lecture’ to the audience and the presentation started with a quote from Cicero: “Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself”.  Patrick brought insightful, entertaining, honest and critical reflections of the world we live in and the noble work we do here as advisors.

The historical foundation of the University system was based on the work of Plato and Socrates and two basic principles, know thyself and care of the self.  This recognized the need to learn and grow while sustaining and practice care of self.  The world within which we live is that of the mind, a global age where information can be compiled and accessed at the tip of our fingers, and stress and access to wonderful discoveries and bad news is relentless. This is the most exciting time in history, and more is changing at a rapid pace.  In this pursuit of the mind, we have lost the care of the self.

Participants were invited to reflect on how they took care of themselves and to create practices where we can care for ourselves.  If we are what we repeatedly do, and practice taking on more and more, and resting and exercising less as human beings we will be less productive.  Patrick encouraged everyone to think about some very simple and basic things that would make us all healthier and happier.  The act of caring for ourselves would naturally impact the students, faculty and staff that we work with.

Very small suggestions such as talking a walk, and only a walk, sleeping at your desk, or even just closing your eyes, reading for pure enjoyment and journaling were suggested. While each suggestion was presented with humor, the startling truth is if we can simply spend time doing nothing, we will create space to think and to exist. The best part of each suggestion is it has been supported in many studies in positive psychology and other fields.

If you missed the session, or would like to learn more you can search for Patrick Finn and his lectures on YouTube, read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, Professor at Carnegie Mellon with Jeffrey Zaslowor and take a look at the work of Jane Jacobs.

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