Get to Know Your Campus Colleagues

Get to Know Your Campus Colleagues
A part of the “Advise the Advisor” series
Presented by: The UCAN Committee
Tuesday, March 11, 2014


The inspiration for this event came directly from feedback of UCAN members expressing the value in meeting colleagues on campus.  Members were invited to attend a “speed-networking” lunch hour where they were able to provide introductions, meet with colleagues in different areas, and learn more about different departments and roles on campus. The session provided guided opportunities to meet and in small groups, participants answered some of the questions below such as:

  • What is your role on campus? Who do you serve?
  • What is one thing that would be surprising about the work you do (personally or within your department)?
  • What do you really like about your job?
  • What do you find most challenging in your job?
  • Is there something about the University you would like to learn more about?

In a post-session survey, 100% of the respondents replied that the event met expectations.  There was also a suggestion was to offer this opportunity to network every six months due to staff changes and new faces on campus.

List of Areas Represented at Networking Session

Blog posted by: Angela Judge-Stasiak

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