Drumming Circle

Drumming Circle
A part of the “Advise the Advisor” series
Presented by: Tim Nethercott
Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tim Nethercott

Tim Nethercott of the Faith and Spirituality Centre brought in drums and other percussion instruments (frame drums, djembe, eggs, frogs, triangles and tambourines – oh my!) for the UCAN members to bang away their stress!  Tim gave everyone a quick lesson on how to play the different percussion instruments and then we improvised some rhythms and played games including repeating a rhythm, increasing the beat rate, creating a beat to our name, and adding different instruments in – everything is better with a little cow bell!

Everyone was smiling and appeared to have a good time beating their stress away!

Blog posted by: Alison Schmal
Photos by: Cameron Vanderwey

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