About Us

The University of Calgary Advising Network (UCAN) was recently re-established in Fall 2011 by a group of advising professionals at the University of Calgary looking to create a formal university-wide professional development, resource, support, and recognition program for student advisors.

Since excellence in advising and student support are recognized as integral to the teaching and learning mission of this university, UCAN will strive to provide elevated support for advising staff on campus so that the student experience, as well as other institutional goals including improved retention and graduation rates, are ultimately enhanced as well.

Management support for the next year will ensure the UCAN initiative will have an ongoing impact on our work in the advisor community.

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Current UCAN Steering Committee:

  • Adrien Caddick
  • Alison Schmal
  • Angela Judge-Stasiak
  • Cameron Vanderwey
  • Carole Taylor
  • Colleen Packer
  • Lesley Gerein
  • Miwa Shibuya
  • Tammy Wong

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